2022 new launch Non-motorized treadmill

ADVANTEK Non-motorized treadmill series are revolutionary multi-purpose fitness machine that helps athletes to refine their form while building power, endurance, agility, balance ability and core muscle group. Unlike any other trainer it combines the benefits of a manual treadmill, parachutes speed training, weighted sleds and core training.Unique Self-Powered Resistance System offers running belt adjustable resistance (Max 900 Watt-4.2 KPH) for sled push. Unlike any similar products there is no any gear lever and just simply adjust the resistance from console precisely. 

Braking for the parachute and sled Training has multiple settings to accommodate different needs and help trainees get efficient results. Since the running belt is self-powered, it can meet any ability level and be placed pretty much anywhere with no need for an outlet. Somehow, everything is condensed to take up the same amount of floor space as a typical treadmill. 

This space-saver represents a genuine break through in indoor athletic training and could be a valuable addition to serious sports training facilities. It is ideal for high-intensity interval training (HIIT), CrossFit and other exercises for cardiovascular endurance, agility, form, strength and core training.

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